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Our new improved website has been launched and the staff at ACE Embroidery Limited are excited about the new opportunities it may create for its customers and prospects. With a new modern and professional look, the new website has also been designed with the visitor journey in mind. 

Everyone knows that before you set out on a walk through a dense forest or attempt to climb a mountain, that you would be foolish not to equip yourself with a good map and reliable compass. The navigation around a website is no different, it is like a road map leading visitors around the content to ensure that they find what they are looking for. As a result we have invested heavily in ensuring that our visitor journey is easy to undertake by at the same time engages you in the content hopefully leading you to make the correct purchase decision. 

With 80% of internet users now equipped with their own smartphone, the need to be mobile responsive is a must. Our website can now be easily accessed on your smartphone, tablet or laptop ensuring that you can find products easily. Behind the scenes SEO has played a part, with 48% of you utilising search engine (source:Google) to find a product or service, we have ensured that keywords have been incorporated into the content to help you find exactly what you are looking for. 

Our website now enables you to search by sector, whether you are a school, a tradesman or a corporate company you are now only a few clicks away from ensuring that the most important brand is yours with our array of personalised uniform and promotional products. 


Posted by Mathew Smart on 13-Nov-2015

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