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It’s no longer enough to just employ the correct staff to achieve your business goals. As the saying goes there is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’ and without everyone pulling in the same direction efforts and money are often wasted. Creating a team spirit where the entire staff work together for a shared common goal is becoming increasingly important.

Ultimately a satisfied and happy team is essential to ensure that the internal organisation is smooth and efficient. In order to do so there is a an increased need for;

  • Company Events
  • Conferences
  • Parties
  • Social Gatherings
  • Sporting Events/Teams

All of which aid the fostering of a successful team spirit and will earn your staff’s commitment to your organisation.

However, even though such events are enjoyed and relationships are strengthened they are quickly forgotten once back in the hum drum of the office routine a few days later. So how can you ensure that this ‘team spirit’ is not lost or at least lingers for longer?

One way of doing so is to provide people and participants a reminder of the event, which could be as simple as a printed t-shirt donned with a memorable message which serves as a much appreciated souvenir.

Many companies have seen great success at creating long-term team spirit by providing corporately badged clothing, presenting an impressive professional image. A free garment is always appreciated during the event but it also goes a long way afterwards too.

I am sure we all remember that t-shirt or hoodie that we were given on that company team-building event and how glad we were that we didn’t need to get our own clothing dirty. But, more importantly how we kept it for months or even years after reminding us of how the office idiot showed up our manager on the raft building exercise.

Help create that team spirit and lasting memories for your workforce with corporate clothing from ACE Embroidery Limited.


Posted by Mathew Smart on 17-May-2016

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