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How Corporate Uniform Can Increase Sales

Insisting that your staff wear a corporate uniform can often be an emotive subject which, may at times, be met with resistance. So, we thought we would provide you with four good reasons why uniforms can help you increase sales for your business.

1) Company Branding

Branding plays a crucial role in any business, and, if done properly, it will give you the edge over your competitors. Consistent branding which runs through every aspect of your company, from your website, corporate stationery, uniforms, vehicle livery and everything in between will make you instantly recognisable to your customers and potential customers. Your brand is not only reflected in the name and logo on the uniform, but also the colour itself.

There have been a number of studies into the impact of uniforms on branding and advertising. Ashwini K. Poojary from the Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University, Boston, carried out a study on whether or not uniforms are an effective marketing tool to increase sales. The research found that enhancing the knowledge of customers about the brand through marketing initiatives helped companies develop a positive brand attitude in the customer. This, in turn, helped generate a positive response for influencing the purchase activity of the customer, which in other words - uniforms can increase sales!

The results of his survey highlighted the impact uniforms have on customers. The findings for all industries surveyed were as follows: 56.1% of respondents stated that uniforms were more effective than internet advertising, 74.4% than radio advertising and 75.7% than billboard advertising.

?From this research we can conclude that before thinking about alternative forms of advertising for your company, get your uniforms in place as a priority, as they carry more weight as a branding tool than you may have previously thought!

2) Uniforms allow customers to identify who works for the company

An obvious one we know but a consideration which is often overlooked by companies. How many times have you been into a shop and not been able to identify who works there? Frustrating isn't it? Similarly, think about how you can stand out at trade shows and exhibitions. If you only have a limited time to make an impression, make it as easy as possible for people to identify you. It could be the difference in making that crucial sale or not. 

3) Staff wearing uniforms are more conscious of their actions

When staff know they are easily identifiable via their uniforms, they are more aware of their actions. This is of course an important consideration for all businesses, but particularly businesses where staff are often out and about without colleagues and managers watching over them.

4) An attractive uniform can enhance self-esteem, which in turn improves attitude

An important factor with any uniform is that it is smart and attractive. An ill-fitting, ugly uniform will certainly not invoke confidence in your staff. On the other hand, a well fitted, quality, stylish uniform can do wonders for your employee’s self-esteem. Perhaps keeping your staff involved in the uniform decisions will ensure you end up with a more desirable, popular and stylish uniform which your staff will take ownership of, thus improving morale, confidence and performance.

We hope that you now see how having the right uniform brings confidence too both staff and customers, as well as increasing your brand awareness and creating advertising opportunities which ultimately leads to, increased staff performance and sales.

For assistance with your uniform requirements leave it to the professionals at ACE Embroidery Limited where you can be assured that we will have a uniform that fits the job.

Posted by Mathew Smart on 07-Apr-2016

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