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Making an Impact on the Golf Course

The golf course has always been seen as a key place to promote your company and ‘talk shop’ whilst taking to the fairways. Many companies organise golf competitions and conduct deal breaking meetings at the golf club when a round of golf ends at the ‘19th’ hole in the clubhouse.

Hours are spent on the course as players tee off, search for missing golf balls in the ‘rough’ and get that all important par, but ultimately it is an ideal opportunity to get your company’s brand noticed by fellow golfers. By simply having your brand name and contact details embroidered onto your clothes it can begin a conversation with a person you may not have had chance to make their acquaintance with otherwise. As golfers like spending a whole day sometimes at the golf club there are numerous opportunities to be seen and to get free advertising just by simply being there.

By encouraging colleagues to wear a company polo shirt when they meet potential clients whilst on the golf course will assist in attracting much needed attention and publicity. If you purchase quality clothing then they will subsequently be more comfortable to wear which of course encourages people to wear them in their free time too creating even more awareness during your staff’s everyday routine.

Remember the winner is not necessarily the one who won at Golf. Dress for success!

Posted by Mathew Smart on 21-Jun-2016

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