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Good taste doesn’t have to cost huge amounts of money!

Advertising is any paid form of communication and promotion of a message that ultimately aims to increase your sales and revenue. It reaches people through a plethora of media streams such as newspapers, magazines, television, direct mail, radio, billboards, internet, social media and email marketing with huge amounts of money being invested in order to compete with hundreds of other advertisers and competitors.

How can you possibly distinguish yourself within this clutter?

An advertisement is simply a message carrier and therefore advertising can be done wherever available space can be bought. Clothing is a good example of such an incidence. Clothes are excellent carriers of messages, they are cheap, highly visible, mobile and they possess longevity.

The flexibility and creative advertising opportunities offered by clothing are vast. Clothes represent who you are or who your company is. They provide you with an identity. We all appreciate that there is a direct link between how you dress and the image that you project to others. For example a plumber doesn’t go to work in a suit and a bank representative doesn’t wear a tracksuit to work. Your company has to present the right identity, using the right clothes. Failure to do so can be impractical, but can also be detrimental to your professional reputation. After all if you turned up to see your solicitor and they were dressed in ripped jeans and a tee-shirt with their favourite band plastered all over it, would you actually consider them to represent you in a court case? We would expect not.

The cost of promo wear is a fraction of traditional advertising but it provides a highly visible opportunity with minimal wastage. Since it is you and your colleagues who will be wearing the clothes you will be certain that you will be reaching your target groups.

Ultimately employees all need something to wear whilst working and your company needs advertising to build crucial brand awareness. Whereas traditional advertising satisfies only one of these requirements, promo wear does both.

From polo shirts to formal suits ACE Embroidery will be sure to have a quality solution just for you. It’s time to consider another form of advertising when setting your marketing budget this year – Promo wear!

Posted by Mathew Smart on 26-Jul-2016

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