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The Importance of Employee Uniform Colours

Colour impacts everything we do in some subtle way, from changing our mood to choosing what we even decide to eat. In fact there have been numerous scientific studies published that have shown that the colours you select to promote your brand and business can be among the most effective ways to attract and keep customers.

Let’s start by considering the plethora of fast food companies that line our streets and motorways, many of which use bright reds and yellows to dress up their brands, such as McDonald's, Burger King and KFC. Bright reds have shown to draw customers' attention by creating a sense of excitement, while the yellows cause them to pause, feel happy, and encourage them to make a purchase because of a positive frame of mind. Maybe next time you are driving home from work or to meet up with friends, see what brands you are drawn too and see what colours they are using within their logos.

In fact colour preferences seem to be deeply rooted emotional responses that lack any kind of rational basis, according to Dr. R. Douglas Fields, a senior investigator at the National Institutes of Health. In an article written for Psychology Today, Dr. Fields explains “colour rules our choices in everything.” He also notes people like to think of themselves as rational, but in fact they are often unknowingly ruled by the “mysterious” power of colour.

The psychology of colours is certainly not lost on successful businesses. For example G4S Security services use a solid blue for its vans and driver uniforms. Studies show that blue communicates a sense of loyalty and dependability which is definitely needed when entrusting them to deal with large sums of money and transferring prisoners. On the other hand Cadburys use the iconic purple colour which is said to denote dignity and royalty. Having to compete in a highly competition confectionary market the brand is able to portray a premium and enviable image to gain much needed market share.  

In order to capitalise on the power of colour marketing experts agree that for maximum benefit, branding colours should be displayed at every customer touch point. And the more personal the touch point, the more important the colour choice can be. This is why the colours used for employee uniforms can play such a significant role in a business' success, says Adam Soreff, Director of Marketing at UniFirst Corp.  “Utilising the psychology of colours can most definitely help reinforce a sought after business image or message, such as technical proficiency or reliability. And customers often subliminally take such ‘uniform' messaging more seriously because it's being worn by a real person, someone who embodies the brand and makes the brand more tangible to them.”

So the question is; is your business making the best use of company brand and uniform colours?

It is clear, when it comes to selecting the correct corporate uniform for your workforce, it is more than simply choosing what you want them to wear. Careful consideration needs to not only be given to the garment choice and practicality but also the colours used to create the ultimate impact.

Posted by Mathew Smart on 19-Sep-2016

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