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5 simple but effective marketing tips for your small buisness

Getting your company’s message out to your target audience can be fairly challenging especially if you are competing in a highly competitive industry. As potential customers are blinded by the big brands who are armed with a significant marketing budget and use it to dominate the various forms of media it can often become a disheartening uphill battle.  However there are some simple, but effective marketing ideas that you can integrate into your small business in order to grab your customer’s attention without breaking the bank or dominating your time.

  1. Entice them with an offer after purchase

This is an ideal time to encourage your customers to consider a repeat purchase, not necessarily for the same item but a complementary one. For example if someone just purchased some trainers they probably may also be in the market for some trainer socks or workout wear. Remember to provide a personal touch in your promotional communication whether that be via email or direct mail, being sure to thank them for their custom and make them feel special with a discount that is tailored to their buying behaviour. Finally, don’t forget the tracking code and expiry date.

  1. Tell them your news

Customer loyalty is so important in business today and what better way than to encourage your customers to sign up to a monthly newsletter. Full of useful tips, articles and exclusive product launches your customers will feel both educated and privileged reducing the risk of them going elsewhere. Again personalising the content for specific customer segments such as singletons, married couples, families and retirees will ensure that the content is specific and relevant.

  1. Send them a freebie

Everyone loves a freebie and the great thing is that they don’t have to be expensive either. Especially effective if you work in a B2B environment, and even better if it can be left on their desk within their eyesight all day long. A simple mobile phone charger, mug or pen with your brand emblazoned across it ensures that you are never far from their mind. Now that we have to pay a 5p carrier bag charge everyone loves to get a free cotton tote bag and it’s an ideal opportunity for your brand to seen by thousands of potential customers as the owner walks around the shopping district.

  1. Get Social

Nowadays most people are on a social media platform of some sort, whether this is Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to name but a few. Take advantage of being able to reach 100,000s of potential customers by offering targeted discounts and special offers, sharing useful content and asking people to sign up to your newsletter. Consider launching a competition that encourages your followers to share, retweet and like your posts, spreading the word even further afield.

  1. Get Blogging

Writing a regular blog and posting it on your website will increase your website traffic by x3. Aiming to upload at least one blog a month will encourage customers to visit your website more often and will attract new customers to check out your products and services. By becoming a source of valuable information will provide you with a competitive advantage over your competition that don’t create a blog.


Taking the time to be creative with your marketing can have a positive impact on your sales. ACE Embroidery offer a variety of promotional items and clothing that can assist in getting your message out to your customers – after all the most important brand is yours!

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