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Benefits of an online web store

These days many customers and businesses will turn to the internet when it comes to sourcing or selling their products. As time becomes more limited and opportunities increase, the demand for 24/7/365 access is now more a must have rather than a desirable. Selling products online through a dedicated web store brings a host of benefits to not only your customers, but also to you and your company.

Open all hours

Gone are the days when we all worked 9-5pm and could go shopping in our hour long dinner break or pop to the local shops after work. With people now working flexible hours, shifts and in some cases an 80-hour week or more, there is a need for customers to be able to purchase goods at a time that is convenient for them. An online web store enables customers to access a shop 24/7/365 at their leisure, saving items in their basket until they are in a position to pay for their goods.

Across Geographical Boundaries

Local businesses can now have an international presence thanks to the internet. There are of course regulations regarding tax and import/export issues but it does mean that if you are out of the country for business or leisure purposes you can still order your products and they will be their waiting for you when you arrive back to the UK.

Reduces Costs

Enabling customers to order direct off the internet ensures that your company can keep the costs down. By cutting out the person that has to take the order and process it, means that you can pass these cost savings onto your customers, making you more competitive and reducing your overheads.

Maintains Control

If your web store is designed for a specific target audience i.e. the parents of your students, fans of your football team or members of your sports clubs it can assist in maintaining control of what products are offered. By stocking the correct items will ensure that your brand remains consistent and only the approved uniform/kit is being purchased.

Greater Flexibility

At the touch of a button you can easily update the product portfolio, whether this be to remove an item or to add one. If you are normally the one ordering the whole schools’ uniform or the local rugby teams’ kit, an online webstore will allow the parents to go in and order it for their own child’s specific requirements saving you time and stress!

Having a dedicated online web store could help your business, school or club. Why not speak to the friendly team at ACE to see if this is the solution you could be looking for on 0121 559 1234.

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