Vector & Bitmap Explained

Vector imagery for printing and bitmap imagery for embroidery explained

Bitmap Image

A bitmap image is an image that is created using pixels. They have a width and height that is fixed, and when you enlarge a bitmap, the image goes pixelated or fuzzy. A typical bitmap image would be a JPEG or BMP file. When the file size is increased in a bitmap, it often leads to unusable or unsuitable artwork.

Vector Image

A vector image is an image that does not use pixels. You can enlarge a vector image as large as desired, and you guarantee a crisp edge. A usual file format for a vector image is EPS or AI. We require a vector image for printing. If you had your logo designed by a designer, they should be able to provide you with a .eps or .ai file which we can use. If you did not, for a small cost we can rework your logo and turn it into a vector, ready for print.

PLEASE NOTE Please do not create a vector file from a bitmap file, and simply save it as a .ai or .eps file. This will not work as the image will still be a bitmap and therefore not usable.

If you cannot provide us with a vector file of your artwork for printing, for a small charge we can recreate your artwork as a vector.

Examples of Bitmap vs Vector Imagery

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